Friday, May 26, 2017

STEM Kit From Groovy Lab in a box

June's Groovy box theme is "Good Vibrations"

How fun is this? My kids love getting packages in the mail, especially packages that contain fun things to build with.  I love it because everything they need is contained in one box.  No going to the store because they need something for their creation. 

Does your STE(A)Mist love music and sound? Then make sure to get June's Groovy Lab in a Box! "Good Vibrations" is all about music, sound, pitch, vibrations, frequency, energy, and much much more.

Design Challenge: Using only the materials from your Groovy Lab in a Box, can you design and build a new musical instrument that plays at least three different pitches?

Don't forget: Every Groovy Lab in a Box comes with a groovy, retro-themed Lab Notebook plus access to a Box, an online web portal where kids get some groovy extended activities and can dig deeper into their STE(A)Mist's mindset and learning.

Be sure to start a subscription today so you can receive "Good Vibrations" with FREE SHIPPING!
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Order your Groovy Lab In a Box now.

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