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The End of the Ancient Jewish Nation - Story of the World V. 1 Ch 38

Story of the World Volume 1 Chapter 38 

The Destruction of the Temple 70 AD


Because the Romans were afraid that the people would follow Jesus, instead of listening to them, they had Him put to death.  The Jews hated being under the rule of the Romans, they had been ruled for years by other countries. For years the Jews lived in Egypt and Canaan,  finally after returning back to their home land, the Jews hoped to be free from ruling countries, but they were now ruled by Rome.  The Jews grew tired of being ruled by the Romans so they rebelled and refused to follow Roman law.
The Romans came in and destroyed the Jewish temple brick by brick. The temple was burned down, as a result gold and silver used in the temple melted and ran down the cracks of the temple.  The soldiers seeing this and wanting the gold,  pried stones out to get at the gold.  This completely destroyed the temple.  The Romans then scattered the Jews from Jerusalem, not only were the Jews without a temple, they were now without a land. It would be years until the Jews were allowed to return to their homeland. 

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