Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What is STEM, exactly?

What is STEM, exactly?

 How many of you struggle with ideas for STEM projects?  I know I do and I don't always have time to sit and search for ideas on Pintrest and when I do find an idea, I don't have all the materials.  I love that Groovy Lab in a box sends a new project every month.  Have you signed up for a subscription yet?  What is your favorite way to introduce STEM to your children?  Leave a comment below.

People often reference “STEM” a lot. However, you may be wondering: “What is STEM, exactly?” Groovy Lab in a Box takes a look at what STEM is and why it is so important to the United States.
STEM is an acronym for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.” It’s an acronym to describe a type of curriculum in school – from kindergarten through college. The idea behind STEM is to make the United States more competitive in technology development by bringing up generations of students who can excel in high-tech jobs (Groovy Lab in a Box calls this generation, “STEMists”.) Without these STEMists, the U.S. could face a workplace development crisis.

For example, right now, only 16% of children graduating from American high schools are proficient in math and interested in a STEM career. However, jobs such as systems software developers, medical scientists and biomedical engineers will have the most career opportunities by 2020.
As you can see, emphasizing STEM is critical in our schools, and it has not gone unnoticed by our federal government. In May 2013, the National Science and Technology Council issued a five-year strategic plan to respond to the lack of STEM education in our country’s schools. Other organizations, such as the STEM Education Coalition, are working hard to tell policymakers about STEM and how preparing our students is critical to the future of the U.S.
Groovy Lab in a Box is doing their part, too. Each month, their subscription service focuses on delivering STEM education to your doorstep and computer. At Groovy Lab in a Box, they believe that children are natural STEMists with an innate sense of curiosity and inquiry that can flourish under the right conditions.
They also believe that learning can be fun. The makers at Groovy Lab in a Box created their "Groovy Labs" to encourage children to channel their natural STEMists. Whether they are building rockets or creating an electrical circuit, children are enjoying the learning process, and applying analytical skills that will transfer to the classroom, and later, their careers.
So, there you have it: STEM in a nutshell. As you can see, STEM is a vital part of our children’s education – and the future competitiveness of the U.S. Here are some resources where you can learn more about STEM:
STEM Education Coalition
U.S. Department of Education
Successful STEM Education
This month's groovy box is Lunar Launch - A Lesson in Rocket Science and is a Parents’ Choice® Award Winner! Be sure to start a Groovy Lab in a Box subscription today before this box ships on February 28th with FREE SHIPPING!
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