Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The First Roman Prince- Story of the World V1 Ch 36

The First Roman Prince - Augustus Caesar 

Story of the World Volume 1 Ch 36

Many people were upset with the death of Caesar, the people loved him.  Some senators loved him, others hated him and were glad that he was gone.   Now that Caesar was gone, there was no one ruling Rome.  The senators were quarreling with each other over who would rule and the people were restless.  Fights broke out and Rome was in a panic.

Caesars nephew Octavian demanded that the senate make him a consul. The senate feared he was to young and to much like Caesar, so they did not want to make him a ruler of Rome. Octavian had learned from the mistakes that Caesar made, and didn't make the same ones.  He became the first citizen of Rome and was known as Augustus Caesar.

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