Monday, January 16, 2017

Story of the World Ch 35 - Caesar the Hero

Caesar Fights the Celts, Crosses the Rubicon, 

and The Death of Caesar (100bce-44bce)

Caesar wanted to become the king of Rome so he set out to gain the love and  trust of the people.  His plan was to be the greatest warrior of Rome by winning  many battles and conquering a great deal of land for Rome.  After showing the people his success maybe he could convince them that he would be a great king.
Caesar trained his army to fight and he took good care of his men. They had plenty to eat and they were paid well.  He's men loved him because of the good treatment they received and they were soon loyal to him. Caesar fought many battles, he won some and he lost some.  He didn't tell the people of Rome about his loses, only the wins.  He didn't want them to know he had lost.

Three Minutes in Rome

Caesar Cross the Rubicon

The Death of Julius Caesar

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