Monday, January 16, 2017

Homeschool Resources Under $30

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January is Homeschool Month on Educents! If you are like me, at the beginning of a new year, you evaluate what is going great or not so great with your homeschool curriculum.   Educents has some great products.  I especially love the Life of Fred books, you won't find a better price for them than on Educents...I've looked.  Us promo code STOCKUP to receive 10% off plus free shipping on orders over $150 for a limited time.  

Here's a list of the best affordable homeschool resources - all available for $30 or less on Educents. Helpful Resources Homeschool Music Journey - These 12 activities and 8 coloring pages introduce kids to a world of music-related fun, from Australian clapsticks to Indian ankle bells and Egyptian rattles. These projects fit perfectly into any homeschool curriculum where music is a part of the learning and discovery!
 Photography Lessons for Kids - Add some fun to your homeschool! Whether your kids have a point and shoot or a DSLR camera, the fundamental rules of photography can still be taught.  
Math Resources Tegu Geometric Blocks - Here's a hands-on way to learn geometric shapes. These blocks come in many shapes and colors.
Educents Tegu Blocks Buy Now Times Tales DVD - Kids can learn their times tables in a snap! Most homeschoolers say this DVD only takes about an hour to teach kids the upper times tables. There's also a downloadable version available. Life of Fred Math Stories - After reading the Fred books, kids will never say "math is boring" ever again. These fictional stories weave in math concepts with real world examples. Start with the Apples book for early math, and follow Fred all the way to calculus lessons!  

Science Activities Early Access Tyto Online - Learn, create, and play with your student. These polymers can help teach measurements, chemical reactions, and following directions. One Minute Science Mysteries - Each story, just one minute long, challenges students' knowledge in earth, space, life, physical, chemical, and general science.  

Language Arts Games & Lessons Silly Stories Cursive Handwriting Practice - Silly Stories Cursive Handwriting Copybook uses wacky classic tales to provide a fun platform for cursive handwriting practice lessons. It's fun for everyone! The Best of StoryClub - Video Picture Books - Video Picture Books Featuring Real, On-Screen Storytellers mixed with amazing Picture Book Illustrations. Great for bedtime, Naptime...Anytime! uKloo Early Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game - Disguised as a treasure hunt, this literacy game gets kids physically active as they strengthen reading comprehension skills while solving clues to find a surprise. ukloo treasure set Buy Now  

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