Saturday, September 24, 2016

Story of The World Vol 1 Ch 34

The Rise of Julius Caesar (100BCE)

Rome became one of the richest and strongest cities in ancient history making it an intriguing to study. Roman builders made paved roads making travel into the city easier.  Rome is also know for developing aqueducts to bring water into the cities.   Apartment buildings made it so more people could live within the city.  
Julius Caesar was born in Rome to an important family who claimed to be descendants of Romulus, the founder of Rome.  Julius Caesar went to school and learned the art of public speaking and learned to gain the trust of people by word.  Julius wanted to help govern Rome, so he threw parties for those that would vote in the hopes to win their votes.

*Please view all videos before showing them to your children to assure that they are appropriate for your family standards.  

Consuls in Rome

 (This one shows war violence, please view 
before showing to your children.)

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