Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Story of the World Vol 1 Ch 29

Rome's War with Carthage (254 - 146 BCE)

Rome took over Italy, but they still wanted to expand their empire. Carthage also wanted to expand their empire.
The Phoenicians built the city of Carthage and sailed their ships in and out of its ports for hundreds of years. Carthage wanted to continue with their trading without Rome getting in the way.   Rome also wanted to use the ports for trading and didn't want Carthage interfering.  This conflict started a fight between Rome and Carthage that lasted for years and years. This fight was known as the Punic War.

*Disclaimer, please view all videos before showing them to your children.  With this being a chapter about war, it was really hard to find a video without war scenes.  Please send me any links of this time period that you feel would be good for this chapter.

The First Punic War

The Second Punic War


The First Punic War (At 1:18 this video does talk about human
sacrifices, if that bothers you, skip ahead.)

Watch - The Rise and Fall of Hannibal (This video shows war scenes that may not be suitable for young children.)

Dress a Roman Solider
Read about the Scared Chickens
Read about the Punic Wars or here.
Elephant coloring page - draw what it must have looked like for the Romans to see elephants crashing toward them.  Elephant from the side view.
Hannibal on Elephant Coloring page
Map of Ancient Rome
Make Punic porridge
Make a catapult
Notebooking pages and timeline cards - Print out the timeline cards and create a game out of them.

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