Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Story of the World Vol 1 Ch 27

The Rise of Rome  

We have learned about several large empires that rose and then was conquered. That seems to be what the ancient world was like, one king comes along and battles another, builds his empire and then loses his empire.  Chapter 27 talks about another empire - Rome. Rome was one of the biggest and strongest of the empires that we have learned about so far. It grew to be bigger than Alexander's empire and it lasted longer. 
The Etruscan's
Romulus and Remus

Life in Rome - Gladiators

A Glimpse of Teenage life in Rome

Extra Activities:

Here is a picture of  The Rod of fascesthe history of the fasces.
Abraham Lincoln rests his arms on fasces with axes removed.
Seal of the United States
4 Fasces flank Lincoln's memorial at Gettysburg
The National Guard Bureau
State Seal of Colorado
Statue of George Washington
Knights of Columbus Symbol
Above the door of Chicago City Hall

Practice writing your name in the Etruscan alphabet.  How is this alphabet the same and different from other alphabets we've seen so far?

Read a little about the Etruscans
The Story of Romulus and Remus
Does a cave prove Romulus and Remus are not a myth - read this article and them decide if Romulus and Remus were real.
The Story of Romulus and Remus
Romulus Coloring Page
Online coloring page and puzzle of Romulus and Remus
Make a fasces

Time Line Cards
Rome Lapbook - Scroll down to the bottom to find the Rome lapbook
Notebooking pages

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