Friday, January 8, 2016

Story of the World Vol 1 Ch 24

The Wars of the Greeks - (431-399bce)

Athens and Sparta spent most of their time fighting each other and didn't have much in common except for their language.  Sometimes Athens attacked Sparta, sometimes Sparta attacked Athens. They went on fighting each other for years.  In fact it was division with each other that eventually lead to their destruction.  

Disclaimer: Please view all videos before showing them to your children.  Greek history is know for nude statues.  I try to pick kids friendly videos. 

The War of the Greeks - Chapter 24

Ancient Greeks - The Spartan Invasion

What if Persia Conquered Greece?

Ancient Athens

Ancient Greek Video Lectures - Docuwatch has several videos on Greek History that are geared toward older students.  I think younger children may not find them very interesting. They are great for those that are interested in taking their studies of Greek history to a high level than found in Story of the World. 

Extra Activities:

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