Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Geography Resources

Geography is one of the subjects that I feel  needs more attention in my home because it is something I don't really know how to teach well. We play little games by looking at a map, choosing a location and pretend we are going to visit there. Then we chart out the best course to take and estimate how many miles we will be traveling to reach that spot.  We read a little bit about the state and then we role play like we are traveling, usually on horseback, to that state.  I have a child that loves to role play, so he really gets into it. Once at our destination he picks a town that our home will be in and what we will do for a living, usually it is running a ranch.  Thank goodness don't really have to travel the country side on horseback.  While we are getting an idea of where states are, I worry about how much my children are retaining. I also feel that geography encompasses so much more than knowing where Turkey is, but teaching children to love geography isn't always easy.

What are some resources you use for geography lessons? 

I ran across this free USA passport activity today at What a fun way to keep track of the states you have studied.

Build Your Own World Map, this is a fun site with free printables of the 7 continents so you can build your own map.
World Geography Scavenger Hunt - Test your knowledge with this interactive geography hunt. Play a search and find game, use as a memorization list or print out and use for a quiz.

I am excited to print out my free copy of World Geography Copywork. It is full of all kinds of information.  

Your children will learn:

  • The World Continents & Oceans
  • The World’s Great Lines & Division
  • The World’s Mountain Ranges
  • World Deserts, Plains & Plateaus
  • The World’s River Systems
  • World Seas, Bays and Gulfs
  • Islands Around the World
  • Major World Biomes
  • Mineral Distributions
  • Hurricanes & Tornadoes
  • Tectonic Plates, Earthquakes & Tsunamis
  • The World’s Volcanoes
My kids love the Stack the States app and I love it because they are learning what each state looks like and where it belongs. 

Educents has several geography worksheets, notebooking pages and more. 

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