Sunday, December 13, 2015

Story of the World Volume 1 Ch 23

The Greek Gods 

Greek Myths provide mystical stories of heroes, monsters and magical creatures that fascinate children and adults everywhere. The Greeks used myths to explain about every element of life around them. While they are only myths, there is something to be learned from these long ago tales. Take for example King Midas, he wished for everything he touched to turn to gold.  He was granted that wish but was soon disheartened when he learned that even food and water would turn to gold.  His greed for gold almost resulted in him dying from starvation. 

  The Greeks believed in multiple Gods, sometimes those Gods were good, sometimes they were cruel.  Chapter 23 in Story the World in a very short chapter that only covers the story of The Golden Apple and a God named Zeus.  In this story Zeus was a bit of a trouble maker.  He wanted to start a war that would result in humans killing off each other so that there were not as many humans.  
The Golden Apple

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