Thursday, December 3, 2015

Story of the World Volume 1 Ch 22

Sparta and Athens (600 Bce)

Greek history is so fascinating to learn about.  Sparta and Athens were two very different city states in Greece. Sparta was known for its tough warriors.  Young boys were taken away from home at age 7 and sent to warrior school.  Athenians sent their children to school to become educated with books, they learned to appreciate art and music. The built beautiful temples, cities and a navy.

The two super power struggled to lead and conquer other Greek city states.

As my children discussed the differences between the two city states, they imagined that Athens would be a much prettier city to live in because they were a group of people that appreciated the arts and they were probably a more knowledgeable people because they took the time to learn from books. 
Building the Ancient City of Athens

Athens and Spartans


The Story of Ancient Athens

Ducuwatch: This site has a lot of history videos to choose from.  Rather than posting them all here, I have just included the link to the site. 

I love this idea to compare Athens with Sparta.

Read more about Athens and Sparta at 
Ancient Greece  activities for kids.
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