Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is less than  a week away! Are you ready?  I love the Christmas season and the added spirit of our Savior Jesus Christ that is present in my home. I try hard to focus on our Saviors birth instead of all the commercial part of Christmas.  Often times Christ is lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas as we go about trying to find those perfect gifts. What do you do in your homes to keep Christ a part of your celebrations?

My little town that I grew up in has had a Christmas tradition since my mother was a little girl.  It was always such a special part of our Christmas to take part in this tradition.  Every Christmas Eve the local church congregation meets at the church house  where local children take part in acting out the nativity story.   Beautiful music about our Savior Jesus Christ is also part of the event. I find it so uplifting to go when I am in town. It is a reminder to all who attend of why we celebrate Christmas.

 If you are like me, you still have a few last minute gifts to get out to the neighbors.  I have complied a list of easy and simple neighbor gifts.

The Christmas Towel as posted on Darling Doodles
I really struggle with finding the right gifts for Christmas.  I like to look for gifts that reminds me of why we are celebrating Christmas.  While treats are yummy, I know I get tired of all the sugar by the time the holidays are over, that is why I love this idea of the Christmas towel.  Click on the click above for a the free printable that Darling Doodles has put together, it is beautiful and so simple.  I picked up a few Christmas kitchen towels at Walmart for $1.94 each, so this is a super affordable gift idea and takes very little time to put together. 

I really was not in the mood to do any baking this Christmas. My husband was out of town for the second week of December.  Between juggling kids and school without help from my husband, I was a little worn out so I chose to simplify. I printed out the above adorable tags, bought several boxes of popcorn, attached the tag, added a bow and gave out to the neighbors.  I bought the popcorn on sale for less than $1.50 a box, so very affordable and I didn't have to bake anything. This is also great for those last minute neighbor gifts. 

I love this adorable idea! It is so simple and has a touching message. Crafts redesigned has created a free printable, just click on the link above.

This is another easy idea found on Crazy Little Projects.  I would love to relax with a bag of M&M's but I would probably eat the whole bag myself. 

M&M Christmas Poem From Lil Luna
This poem has been around of a long time, I love how Lil Luna has presented it in such a charming way.  So simple to put together, especially with the printable labels Lil Luna has put together. 

I love how simple this is and everyone can use extra wrapping paper. Visit Crafts Redesigned to print out the adorable label. 

What is your favorite Christmas gift or treat to give out to neighbors? 

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