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25 Days of Christ

25 Days of Christ
I just love the Christmas Season,  for the most part. I don't enjoy the increased crowds at the store or the shopping for the perfect gift.  I don't love stuff, so I have a hard time picking out toys for my children, especially when I know that those toys that they are longing for, will just become something to kick around on their bedroom floor in less than a month after Christmas.

This year we are doing something a little bit different.  My husband and I told the kids they can put 4 items down on their Christmas lists: a want, a need, something useful and something to read.  They will still have a great Christmas but they won't be so overwhelmed with material things.

The reason behind limiting what our children receive is we want our Christmas to be more centered on giving and on Christ.  I ran across a fun family activity which I hope to turn into a tradition.  This activity which is called 25 Days of Christ,  is such an inspirational family activity.  I was going to post each day here on my blog, but then I ran across the creature of this wonderful idea and felt like it wasn't my place to post her hard work on here. I actually bought my kit from a lady in my town who sells something very similar, but I believe 25 Days of Christ is the original source.  I know we are 8 days into the season, but it isn't too late to start.  Each day includes a scripture, video,  a thought and an ornament.

As my family has focused on Christ we have felt His spirit more fully in our home.  I don't know if it is this focusing on the true meaning of the season or not, but my kids have not spent a whole lot of time talking about what they want. Whatever the reason, I am enjoying the increased spirit in my home and I am looking forward to enjoying the holidays with my family.

I thought it would be fun to add coloring pages to the 25 days so I will share them with you, but for the scriptures and videos, be sure and check out the above link.

25 Days of  Christ

Coloring pages can be found by clicking on the links below.

Day 1:    The Birth of Christ
Jesus Christ
Ornament: Star
Photo Credit: Lds.org

Day 2: Announcement to the Shepherds
Ornament: Shepherd

The Announcement of Christ's Birth by Del Parson

Day 3:The Three Wise Men
The 3 Wise Men
Ornament: The Three Wise Men
Photo Credit: Lds.org

Ornament: Scriptures

By Grant Romney Clawson

Day 5: Baptism

John Baptizes Jesus by Harry Anderson

Ornament: Fish 
By Harry Anderson

Ornament: Candle
By Harry Anderson

Ornament: Boat
Stilling the Storm by Ted Henninger

Ornament: Basket with bread and fish

Ornament: Feet

Walking on Water by: Robert T. Barrett

Ornament: Bandaged Man
The Good Samaritan By Walter Rane
Day 12: The 10 Lepers
Ornament: #10
10 Lepers by James Tissot
The Lost Lamb by Del Parson

Day 14: Take Up Thy Bed
Ornament: Man on a stretcher
Jesus Heals by Nathan Greene
Ornament: Water Pail
Women at the Well by Simon Dewey
Day 16: Widow's Mite
Ornament: Coin Bag

Day 17: Mary and Martha
Ornament: Rolling Pin
Mary and Martha by David Lindsley
Day 18: Triumphal Entry
Triumphal Entry by Harry Anderson
Day 19: The Last Supper
Ornament: Bowl and Pitcher
Jesus Washing the Apostles Feet by Del Parson
The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci
Ornament: Gift
Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane by Harry Anderson
Day 21: Betrayal
Ornament: Rooster 
Photo Credit Redemption Ministry
Ornament: Cross
The Crucifixion by Harry Anderson
Day 23:    Jesus appears to Mary - Resurrection 
Ornament: Hand with a nail print
Why Weepest Thou by Simon Dewey
Ornament:  Cloud and Lightening
Jesus Blesses the Children by Del Parson
Ornament: Heart

Ornament: Heart
Jesus Visits America by John Scott
Ornament: Cloud
The Ascension of Christ by Harry Anderson

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