Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Story of the World Vol. 1 Ch 20

Greece Gets Civilized Again (800 bce)

Ancient Greek history is such an intriguing time period to study.  Greek Myths, the Olympics and The Iliad by Homer can keep you studying for weeks if your willing to take the time to do a little digging, research and reading. 
The Trojan Horse

Learn the Greek Alphabet

Here's one more song for the Greek Alphabet

The Day The Greeks Invented Vowels

Discovery Channel Documentary on the Parthenon 

The History of Ancient Greece

The Early Olympics

Additional Activities:

Make a Trojan Horse
Draw a Trojan Horse
Listen to The Iliad by Homer or Iliad for boys and girls
Ancient Greece Lapbook - I love this site. There are so many great resources.
Learn more about the Olympics and put on your own Olympic event in your back yard.
Ancient Greek Lapbook
Build the Parthenon out of Lego's
Color a map of Greece
Map Worksheets
Take a Quiz
Read Aesop Fables
Learn about the Parthenon
Read about daily life in Greece

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