Monday, November 2, 2015

Story of the World Vol 1 Ch. 19

The Early Greeks - The Mycenaeans (1200 - 700 bce)

The Mycenaean people are somewhat of a mystery.  They were a group of people that didn't know how to write so there is little history left of them.

Please view videos before showing them to your children. 

The Mycenaeans

The History Channel - Mycenaeans

Crash Course History

The Collapse of the Bronze Age

Greek History - This is a fun site with lots of information about daily life in Greece. 
Story of the World Lapbook.
Ancient Greek Coloring pages - I have a child that loves to color, so this is perfect.
Ancient Greece Unit Study - This is unit study from Currlick. While your there, take a look at all the resources they offer. You can find something for almost any subject your children are studying.  Plus they have online classes. 

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