Sunday, November 1, 2015

Story of the World Vol 1 Ch. 18

Life in Early Crete (2200-1450bce)

Disclaimer, please view videos before showing them to your children. My standards are likely not the same as yours.  I try to pick out clean videos that are child appropriate.  This chapter was a little harder to find appropriate videos than other chapters have been.

Bull Jumping

Mythic Wars - Theseus and the Minotaur


Mystery of Minoan

The Lost City of Atlantis

TED Ed- Scientific Origins of the Minotaur

Explore Ancient Minoans
Add a little science to your studies: make a volcano
Print out a maze
Create a fresco here is a site to get a few ideas first pictures of fresco art
Make your own Minotaur mask.
Minotaur Coloring Page
Make a labyrinth out of Lego's
Another Lego Maze
Chapter 18 Quiz
Notebooking pages and timeline cards
This looks like an excellent unit study: Ancient Greek Unit Study. I like that it covers important people from that time period. That is one thing that I wish Story of the World would go into a little bit more.
Map of Crete

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