Saturday, November 21, 2015

Free Thanksgiving Copy Work and Notebooking Pages

I just love Thanksgiving time! It is so fun to get together with family and relatives to enjoy good food  and to voice what we are thankful for.  

 My mom comes from a family of 10 children, so as you can imagine, getting together is chaotic and crowded.  We have had our Thanksgiving dinners in some odd places over the years, as not one of my mom's family members has a house big enough to accommodate such a crowd.   We have met at senior citizens centers, churches, and even in a huge green house.   My aunt now owns a diner that we have meet at for the last couple of years.   Family and friends pack in and enjoy card games, turkey, potatoes, pie and good conversation.  

When dinner is over, there are more left overs than anyone wants to take home, so my aunt turns on the open sign and we share with people traveling though looking for a meal. It is always fun to see how thankful travels are when they get to enjoy a free meal. Many times they are foreigners and have no idea what Thanksgiving it.  Sharing with others is always like the icing on the cake to an already enjoyable event.  

The History of Thanksgiving

Bet you didn't know

Thanksgiving Copy Work and Notebooking Activites:

Free Notebooking Pages and Copy work - This looks like such a fun set geared toward 4-8 years old. It comes in bright fun colors and also black and white to save on your ink.  
Included in this set is from Notebooking Nook
  • Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages
  • Thanksgiving Activity Pages
  • Thanksgiving Poems and Copy work

Pintrest Crafts and Treats:

Photo Credit: Happy Home Fairy

Photo Credit: The Idea Room
These fun cookies would be great to add to your Thanksgiving table. From the The Idea Room

Photo Credit Taste of Homes
Yum, these pilgrim hats look easy and tasty.
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