Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Tuttle Twins

The Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law

Have you heard about the Tuttle Twins yet?  The Tuttle Twins were written by homeschooling father Connor Boyack after he became discouraged with the lack of children's books that teach principles of freedom.  In this 3 book series you will follow Ethan and Emily as they learn about government and liberty.  

The first book - The Law, was written based on  Frédéric Bastiat’s The Law, written in 1850. The Law clearly summarizes what the proper role of government is.  The Law is a fun story of Ethan and Emily and how they learn about government. I know as  parent, I sometimes struggle with how to explain government to my children, so when I first heard about this book, I was excited to purchase it and read it to my children.  

A sample of The Law

In book number 2, The Miraculous Pencil, you will follow Ethan and Emily along as they learn how a pencil is made.  My kids an I were amazed at how much goes into make such a small little thing.  Who knew that so much goes into something so small and simple looking like the pencil. It really is a miraculous pencil and an invention that many, many people all across the world have benefited from. 

Sample from Book 2

Book 3 - Creature From Jekyll Island. Book 3 just came out this month, so I have yet to purchase it and read it, but it is on my list of books to read.  I would love a review from anyone that has read it. 

Here's the info from the Tuttle Twins web page: 
What kind of creature can steal your money? Join Ethan and Emily Tuttle in their exciting third adventure, as they uncover the curious mystery of how a powerful creature is stealing their grandparents’ hard-earned savings, and how the twins are also being controlled by the same creature—without even knowing it!
The Tuttle Twins and the Creature from Jekyll is 58 pages long and full of fun, colorful illustrations. Recommended reading age: 5-11.

Sample from Creature From Jekyll Island

Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite Tuttle Twin book is.

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