Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Story of the World Vol 1 Ch 16

The Return of Assyria (668-627)

I hope that you are all finding this series of posts on Story of The World helpful.  Chapter 15 takes us to Assyria and to Ashurbanipal. Ashurbanipal was a powerful king in Nineveh who ruled from a beautiful palace.  He loved to read and created the first known library.

The Kings: From Babylon to Baghdad

Images of Ancient Babylon

Ashurbanipal Hunting Lions

Who Was Ashurbanipal?

The Mesopotamian's (Sorry for the silly graphics. The tune is catchy.)

Additional Activities:
Read more about Mesopotamia
Build a siege tower out of Lego's
Make a clay lion.

Note Booking Pages:
Ancient Mesopotamia
Mesopotamia Resource Bundle

Click on this link: Lapbooks, then you will have to scroll down until you see the Mesopotamia unit.

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