Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thank a Community Leader Today

 Our communities are made up of so many people that serve us every day. Those leaders include firefighters, police officers, EMT's, school teachers, crossing guards, doctors, various city workers, librarians and more.  Our communities are a safer and more pleasant place to live because of the people that serve daily.

My mom is a volunteer EMT in a small town community. She gets paid very little, pays for the training she receives and is taken away from her family for hours when she goes on a call.  As an EMT she has served countless people, helped treat their wounds and saved lives.  What a great example of someone willing to serve in her community.  She is willing to serve and signed up for the job, but I bet she could count on one hand how many thank yous she has received from community members.  She does occasionally receive thanks from those she is serving, but how many of us stop to thank leaders in our community just because we feel the need to, not because they are serving us at the moment.

Take the time to teach your children to be appreciative of those protecting, beautifying, teaching, and serving in our communities.  Especially those that risk their lives daily so that we can be safe.  Police officers every where are being attacked verbally and physically. Let them know you care and appreciate them.  Also take the time to thank all those that make our communities run smoother.

Below you'll find games and ideas relating to community leaders.

  Thank Community Leaders - Educents  

Activities about community leaders:

Historical Biographies Lapbooks - Create interactive lapbook reports about some of the most famous Americans like Amelia Earhart, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, respected American women, and more!Community Helpers Freebie - Educents Community Helpers Bundle - Every day, sing a song with your students about the community helpers we depend on every day! This unit combines emergent books, games, activities, finger puppets, printables, and songs to help your kids learn and have fun! Community Helpers Firefighter Freebie - Your students can learn about firefighters with these free vocabulary pages, writing prompt, bubble map, and more! Community Helper Flash Cards - Download and print 36 flash cards with community helpers pictured on each card. Play memory games and create awareness of how important scientists, volunteers, soldiers, and teachers are! This is a great resource for students with autism or special needs. Back to School Staff Trading Cards - EducentsBack to School Staff Trading Cards - It's back to school time! Do you need a meaningful way for students to get to know school staff? Kids LOVE playing cards and trading cards. These super fun and engaging school staff trading cards are great for increasing school wide involvement. Let students know who makes up their school staff and who is there to help them. Hip Hip Hooray for Community Helpers Mini Unit - These activities pages includes the roles of teacher, firefighter, police officer, sanitation workers, hair stylist, crossing guard, doctor, nurse, farmer, news reporter, and soldier. Ask students to answer questions about what the community help does and how they help out the community.   Educents

How do community leaders make your daily life better? Do your kids want to be a community leader when they grow up? 

Tell us in the comments!

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