Thursday, September 24, 2015

Story of the World Vol. 1 Ch. 14

The Israelites Leave Egypt

Chapter 14 is a little short for how important  the life of Moses was. Moses was a central figure in the Old Testament.  He had so much faith to be able to lead a whole nation of people.  This chapter covers the birth of Moses, his being raised by the Pharaohs daughter, Moses fleeing Egypt and returning years later, and the Exodus.


The Baby Moses

The Prophet Moses

The Passover

Ten Plagues of Egypt
If you haven't seen the movie 
The Ten Commandments, it is worth watching. 

 Additional Activities:

Study Unit on Moses: This is such a great site filled with so many ideas on how to teach about Moses.
10 Plagues Finger Puppets - Great activity the younger children.
Moses Parting the Red Sea Craft -  Another good way to add art to your lesson.


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