Monday, September 21, 2015

Story of the World Vol. 1 Ch 13

The New Kingdom of Egypt (1524-1325 bc)

Who doesn't love Ancient Egyptian history? It was this chapter that inspired my child to want to become a Pharaoh. He was a little disappointed to realize Egypt no longer has Pharaoh's, so he had to settle for a King Tut Halloween costume.  

*Please view all videos before showing them to your children.   I try to only pick videos that are kid approraite, but my standards will differ from yours. 

Hatsheput - The Women Pharoah

King Tuts Tomb

King Tut

Horrible Histories - King Tut

This site has a lot of history videos on Egypt

Make a  Gold Bracelet. My son wanted to be King Tut for Halloween one year, so we made gold bracelets out of toilet paper rolls.  They turned out so fun and were super easy to make. He wore them for weeks after Halloween.
I also made him a gold collar to go with the costume.
Make a pharaoh mask

Ancient Egypt coloring pages
Notebooking pages and timeline
Make a Ancient Egypt Lapbook
Download and complete this map of Egypt

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