Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Story of the World Vol. 1 Ch 12

The Middle Kingdom of Egypt (2040 - 1720 bc)

Egyptian history is so fascinating with its pyramids, sphinx and pharaohs. It is easy to spend weeks on researching all the amazing pieces of history surrounding Egypt. If you having trouble pronouncing any of the names just head over to this site for help.

I did have a hard time finding videos that I wanted to share on Egypt. There are plenty of videos out there but few that talk about the middle kingdom.  Please send me suggestions if you have any.

Please review all videos to make sure they are appreciate for your children. My standards may not be the same as yours.  I do try to pick clean videos that I feel are appropriate for children.

Ancient Chariot Weapons

The Middle and New Kingdom

History of Egypt Part 1
This video covers information from earlier chapters 
as well as chapter 13

Extra Activities:
Make a Chariot of Lego's.
This site has a lot of fun crafts including pharaoh masks, painting and building a pyramid.
Additional information on Nubia
If you haven't downloaded these notebooking pages and timeline yet, be sure and do it now.
Explore ancient Egypt
This is fun interactive site with lots of info on Egypt.
Play Tomb of the unknown mummy, a fun guessing game.
Lots of information on the Middle Kingdom


Queen Tiye

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