Friday, September 25, 2015

Smithsonian Backyard Books

Recently I picked up Robin at Hickory Street from the local library. I was pleasantly surprised with the colorful illustrations and the story of the robin.  I read it to my kids and because the book is a
living book, they had no idea was I was giving them a science lesson.  They learned all about robins flying south for the winter and returning to find homes in the north once temperatures start to rise.  As the robin returns north, it is faced with trying to find a home for the summer and has to deal with territorial birds in the process.  Your kids will learn how robins find new homes, how they defend their homes, what they eat and how they attract female birds.  

Robin at Hickory Street is part of a collection of Smithsonian Backyard books. I was happy to see that Amazon has a wide selection of different animals included in the the Smithsonian Backyard Collection.  What a fun way to learn about nature and science.


A fun video of a mama robin feeding her babies
Robin Lapbook
A fun unit study on robins

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