Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Story of the World Vol 1 Ch 10

The Far East: Ancient China (2690 BC)

China was such a fascinating place to learn about.  My kids loved learning about the story of the silk worm, rice fields and pictograms of ancient China.

*Disclaimer: please view all videos before showing them to your children. Your standards may not match mine.  I pick videos that I feel are appropriate for even small children, but please be sure view them first.

The Story of Silk - how silk is processed

There is only audio with this one, but it's a fun song about silk worms.

Tikki Tikki Tembo puppet show

Additional Videos:
If you have Netflex, be sure and check out this list. Scroll down to find the chapter that you are working on. (Thanks to the reader that sent me this list.)

Additional Reading:
Additional reading on the discovery of the silk worm
Ancient China Farming
Ancient China - This site is a favorite one of my children.  They will visit it just for fun.  There is so much information here.

Lapbook and Notebooking pages: I use notebooking quick often with my children.  I feel that they learn and retain the information better if they write down facts as they go.  Lapbooking can be fun as well.  Some of my children like it and some think it is to much busy work.
Ancient China
Ancient China Notebooking pages
Notebooking pages from Currlick
Ancient China Lapbook
Lapbooks and notebook pages - on this one you will have to scroll down to find the China downloads.
Lapbooks and much more

Art  and Activities:
Make a Ming bowl
Chinese fortune sticks
Chinese Lanterns

Map of Ancient China
Map Coloring page

Just for fun:
Ancient China for Kids
Chinese Numbers
Lots of activities including crafts and coloring pages.

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