Friday, July 3, 2015

The First Fourth of July Freebies and Great Deals

I love to see the fourth of July roll around each year.  It is such a fun time and a great time to reflect on the liberties that we enjoy.  All to often though, I get busy and caught up in the celebrations and don't take the time to recall we I am celebrating.   So I have taken the time to research out some great resources to share with my children to help them understand why we are celebrating.

Liberty Kids: The first fourth of July

This isn't about the 4th of July history but it covers
what type of Government the founding fathers established.  

I really love all the great material that Educents has available.  You can find just about any subject you are looking for.  

Currlick is a great site to find all kinds of material for your homeschool 
or to supplement what your public kids are learning.  

This Patriotic Science Activity is just toooo cool!  It is so very easy to set up and complete, but very engaging!  The student will investigate three liquids of different densities to create a spectacular 4th of July display..teacher page and student page included! Easy and Fun!

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