Thursday, July 9, 2015

Story of the World Volume 1 Chapter 7

Hammurabi's Code 1750 BC

Are you loving Story of the World so far? My family loved every minute of volume 1. We have gained a love for history in the few years that we have been learning at home.  

Hammurabi is a favorite.  My kids laughed at some of the rules on Hammurabi's list and cringed at others.  They came up with their own list of household rules.  

Code of Hammurabi

Turning Point in History

Paper Slide Show - Hammurabi's Code

Ancient Mesopotamian Song

They might be giants- the mesopotamians - 

This is a silly little song about the kings in Mesopotamia 

(The graphics aren't the greatest, but the tune is catchy). 

Hammurabi Notebooking Pages - Some of my children prefer preprinted notebook pages, and some prefer to just take notes in their notebooks.  Regardless of how you do it, these notebook pages have some great images for your visual learners. 

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