Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Protecting Our Children From Pornography

Picture Source: Good Pictures Bad Pictures

Children today live in a much different world than the one I grew up in.  Kids today have access to Ipads, Ipods, laptops, cellphones, desktops, Kindles and so on.  I grew up in a home with 1 computer.  My home today includes: 3 tablets, 2 cellphones, a laptop and a desktop. My kids know how to run every one of them.

I was in high school when my parents bought their first computer. Along with the computer came the Internet.  It was an exciting thing for us to be able to use the computer and to search out endless topics.  Up until that time I had only heard about how wonderful the Internet is.

Being new to home computers and the world wide web, my parents didn't know a thing about setting up a filter on their computer.  As a result pornography became available in our home.  As a parent I feel that it is my responsibility to protect my children from degrading and harmful images, not just online but in movies, magazines...etc. So I have put together a few steps that I have taken.

Talk to your children 

Teach your children when they are young to respect the female and male bodies.  God has given us the wonderful gift of a physical body and He expects us to value it by being modest in our dress and thoughts
.My Body is from God

Discuss pictures that are good and bad.  You may find that reading a book such as Good Pictures Bad Pictures may be helpful.

Create a safe place to talk about sex and pornography with your children. They need to know you are willing to answer their questions.  Don't expect all of their questions to come in one conversation and stay calm when they ask you questions.  You will need to readdress this topic more than once, especially as they get older and become more aware of the opposite sex. 

Tell your children why you do not want them to view pornography.  Rely on the Spirit to guide you when you are teaching your children and teach according to their ages.  Don't over whelm young ones with more information than they are ready for.

Talking points may include: 
It is addictive
Degrading and devaluing to the viewer and the person depicted
Scientifically proven to be destructive to families and relationships
It objectifies people - turning them into objects of self gratification
Removes the Spirit of God and spiritually weakens the person viewing

You can read more here: What makes pornography bad?

Set Rules

The basic rules at my home are simple and easy to remember: no Internet use when mom and dad are not home and all Internet use must be in a public place.   As my kids are still young, I have a list of approved sites they can visit.  

Use a filter

My filter of choice is K9 Webprotection.  I have found K9 to be very effective, easy to use and it is free.  You can filter out as much or as little as you desire.  One feature that I really like is ad block, Sometimes those ads are not appropriate for little eyes or any eyes.  K9 also has a feature that allows you to set the times of day that Internet is available.   I don't have to worry about kids staying up late to get on the computer when everyone else is sleeping. K9 is also available for tablets and phones.

While K9 is good, it isn't perfect.  For the most part my children only use the Internet in my home so I know what they are accessing.  But one day they will be faced with friends that may encourage them to look at bad pictures or they may run across something on their own.  I talk to my children often about using their own personal filter. They know what is right and wrong because I have taken the time to teach them.  So when and if they are faced with pornography I hope they will be strong enough  to use that personal filter.  

This site has so many good things on Overcoming Pornography

On a side note, Dr. John's has moved into our town.  They display barely covered mannequins dressed in lingerie in their window displays.  I do everything I can to avoid businesses surrounding Dr. John's and do not travel on the road in front of their store.  My son is really bothered by this business so he took the initiative to write the store a letter.

Dr. John's,

Hi, my name is ______. I am almost ___years old. I am writing about your window display. I feel that the pornography in your display window is offensive, not only to me but to all women.

Women should be respected for their intelligence, good deeds, and also their loving womanhood. Women should not be treated like trash by being displayed almost naked.

God sent us here for a purpose and I know that he does not want us to view pornography. He wants us to get an education and to learn as much as we can. He also wants us to be clean. Viewing pornography is scientifically proven to be addictive and destructive to individuals and families. You are providing a way for kids, adults and families to see pornography. Please consider dressing your mannequins modestly or removing your tacky display.


I was so proud of him for taking a stand against pornography.  I just pray and hope that he will continue to have a desire to avoid such a degrading thing. 

I would love to hear your comments. What steps do you take to protect your children? 


  1. I love that with the filter you can set times to use the internet! My LO is only 3 months old, so it's still a long way off, but definately want to have something in place in the future. When I taught Kindergarten at a charter school there were no filters on the computers that were hooked up to the smart boards, and I quickly learned that I had to be very careful about what I showed due to inappropriate ads!

  2. Thank you for your comment. It's always nice to know what options you have for the future. Congrats on your little one! I love that stage when they still cuddle with you.
    K9 has so many great options that I love.



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