Wednesday, July 29, 2015

First Language Lessons - By Jessie Wise

Do you have a favorite curricula that you use for language?  I have found that I really like Jessie Wise's First Language Lessons.  First Language lessons only covers grammar so you will still need to add a spelling/phonics and writing program.  Writing with Ease lessons are coordinated with First Language Lessons, so that may be an option that you may want to look into for writing.

According to the fist level book, the goals of First Language lessons are to:
1. Train the child's ear by allowing him to listen to correctly spoken language.
2. To train the child's speech by practicing correctly spoken grammar with him/her.
3. To train the child's attention by reading aloud to him and having him narrate back to you the content or story line, using proper grammar.
4. To teach beginning skills in grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.

The book uses 4 strands or four different tools:
1. Memory work, the child is given a simple poem to memorize.  I actually turned the poem into copywork by typing it up with primary lines. That worked well to help with spelling and memorizing the poem.

2. Copywork in level one does not actually appear until lessons 42.  Lessons before then are oral. The copywork targets grammar that is learned in the lessons.

3. Narration, the student will also learn to produce content orally. This will allow for grammar practice when the student is still to young to work on extensive written work.

4. Grammar, I really like how grammar is taught  throughout the book. It is repetitive but simple. Lessons can be done in as little as 15 minutes.

The lessons in First Language lessons are easy and can be done in very little time.  The lessons do require an adult to read to the child as the book is more of a scripted teachers manual that is not meant to be written in.

I love how simple this book is. The lessons are not long and drawn out so I am able to keep the attention of my little ones long enough to get through the lesson.  I took each lesson as fast or as slow as my learner wanted to go.  For my visual learners, after each lessons we looked up a grammaropolis video to reenforce what we learned.

What is your favorite language program?

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