Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gain Knowledge Every Day

I love this quote by Joseph F. Smith
Everyone should learn something new everyday. You all have inquiring minds and are seeking truth in many fields. I sincerely hope your greatest search is in the realm of spiritual things, because it is there that we are able to gain salvation and make the progress that leads to eternal life in our Father's kingdom. The most important knowledge in the world is gospel knowledge. It is knowledge of God and his law, of those things that men must do to work out their salvation with fear and trembling before the Lord. (Ensign, May 1971, pp. 2-3) - Joseph F. Smith

I try to teach my children that they should take the time to learn something of value everyday and if they can do that then they have had a successful day.  More than once my children have heard me tell them that God is intelligence and He expects us to gain all the intelligence that we can in this life.  

As a parent I feel that it is important that my children see me studying as well. They know that I love information and that I like to learn new things.  As a result my children are more willing to learn something new as well.  

As we turn to God and ask Him to guide us in gaining knowledge, He will show us what we need to spend our time learning. 

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