Saturday, May 23, 2015

Story of the World Ch 2

Egyptians lived on the Nile River

My kids love Egyptian history.  We have acted out many chapters after reading them.  I had to make one of my children a costume so that he could be a Pharaoh.  The chapters that we act out are the ones that my children recall the most and enjoy the most.  What activities do your children enjoy doing with Story the World?  

Disclaimer: Please review videos to determine if they are appropriate for your children.

History of the Egyptians, Part 1

Planet Egypt - Documentary 

The Legend of Osiris

Extra Activities and resources.  Please feel free to add any resources you like in the comment section.  

See Egyptian art
Prepare a body for mummification 

Lots of fun pictures of Egypt to look at. 

My kids absolutely loved this one.  They mapped out the Nile in our sand box.

Some of my kids love to do the busy work of a lap book and some don't love it so much. So check it out and decide what works for your kids.

Tending our Lords Garden  is a great spot to get note booking pages and timeline cards.  

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