Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Seek Learning in Your Youth

Every 6 months The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints holds a two day conference that is broadcast world wide.  It is such an inspirational event.  I learn so much as I take the time to listen to the many talks. I'm grateful for this time to reflect on my Savior Jesus Christ.  Conference is also centered on families and the importance of teaching our children to live righteous lives. I go away with so many things to think about.

Image source: Mary N Cook
In the April 2012 conference Mary N. Cook gave a wonderful talk to the young women organization of the LDS church.  I have posted just a small section of the talk, there is so much more I could post.

Seek Learning You Have a Work to do

"Education… will open the doors of opportunity.” 2 As you follow the Lord’s admonition to “seek learning, even by study and also by faith,” 3 you gain not only knowledge from your study but added light as you learn by faith.
Seek learning by studying diligently. Rarely will you be able to spend as much time dedicated to learning as you can now. President Gordon B. Hinckley wisely counseled the youth of the Church: “The pattern of study you establish during your formal schooling will in large measure affect your lifelong thirst for knowledge.”4 “You must get all of the education that you possibly can. … Sacrifice anything that is needed to be sacrificed to qualify  yourselves to do the work of [this] world. … Train your minds and hands to become an influence for good as you go forward with your lives.” 

...We learn in “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” that “mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children.” 11 Providing an education for your children is part of that nurturing and is your sacred responsibility. Like the stripling warriors, who “had been taught by their mothers,” 12 you will be the most important teacher your children will ever have, so choose your learning carefully. Bless your children and your future home by learning as much as you can now."
Seek Learning: you have a work to do

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