Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Become Wiser by Reading

Learn Wisdom in Reading Great Literature

In the last 2 years I have read a lot of classical literature to my children. In fact I have read more classics in 2 years than I have during my 12 years of motherhood.  There are so many lessons that can be learned from a good piece of literature.  My kids often pick out character traits and characters that
they like and want to replicate in their lives.  I love to hear my kids discuss the characters or stop me in my reading to say something like, "oh that was a bad choice, he shouldn't have done that." Or "wow, he was really nice to that girl."
As I'm reading my kids don't always realize they are learning from the characters in the story. Not only do they learn character traits, they also gain a larger vocabulary, better writing ability and improved writing skills.  So pick up a piece of classic literature and start reading today. I love the following quote by Mortimer J. Alder

"...A good book can teach you about the world and about yourself. You learn more than how to read better; you also learn more about life.
You become wiser not just more knowledgeable - books that provide nothing but information can produce that result. But wiser, in the sense that you are more deeply aware of the great and enduring truths of human life."  - Mortimer J. Alder
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