Saturday, August 26, 2017


I hope your family loves Story of the World as much as we do.  Below is a list of all the Story of the World Volume 1 topics.  Hopefully this will help you decide what biographies and books to supplement with.  
Introduction: How Do We Know What Happened? What is History? What is Archeology?

Ch 1: The Earliest People; The First Nomads, The First Nomads Become Farmers

Ch 2: Egyptians Lived on the Nile River; Two Kingdoms Become One, Gods of Ancient Egypt

Ch 3: The First Writing

Ch 4: The Old Kingdom of Egypt; Making Mummies, Egyptian Pyramids

Ch 5: The First Sumerian Dictator

Friday, May 26, 2017

STEM Kit From Groovy Lab in a box

June's Groovy box theme is "Good Vibrations"

How fun is this? My kids love getting packages in the mail, especially packages that contain fun things to build with.  I love it because everything they need is contained in one box.  No going to the store because they need something for their creation. 

Does your STE(A)Mist love music and sound? Then make sure to get June's Groovy Lab in a Box! "Good Vibrations" is all about music, sound, pitch, vibrations, frequency, energy, and much much more.

Design Challenge: Using only the materials from your Groovy Lab in a Box, can you design and build a new musical instrument that plays at least three different pitches?

Don't forget: Every Groovy Lab in a Box comes with a groovy, retro-themed Lab Notebook plus access to a Box, an online web portal where kids get some groovy extended activities and can dig deeper into their STE(A)Mist's mindset and learning.

Be sure to start a subscription today so you can receive "Good Vibrations" with FREE SHIPPING!
Order Here!


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Inspiring Writing Through the Study of Art

Artist Connie Goulding
Art is such a great way to get the creative mind working. Children often connect imagines, thoughts and words before they have mastered the skill of writing.  Young children can look at any picture and come up with a story to go along with that picture, adding in details from experiences they have had. Using a three step process of observe, interpret, and create, children learn to generate ideas, organize thoughts and communicate effectively. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The End of the Ancient Jewish Nation - Story of the World V. 1 Ch 38

Story of the World Volume 1 Chapter 38 

The Destruction of the Temple 70 AD


Because the Romans were afraid that the people would follow Jesus, instead of listening to them, they had Him put to death.  The Jews hated being under the rule of the Romans, they had been ruled for years by other countries. For years the Jews lived in Egypt and Canaan,  finally after returning back to their home land, the Jews hoped to be free from ruling countries, but they were now ruled by Rome.  The Jews grew tired of being ruled by the Romans so they rebelled and refused to follow Roman law.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Visit Brazil with Little Passports

My kids have anxiously waited for the second Little Passports delivery.  The suspense has almost been to much for them to endure...they were so excited to see where Sam and Sophia would be traveling next.   I'm sure all 4 of my kiddos made a trip to the post box at least twice a day looking for a package from Little Passports.  Finally it came! And this months travels were to Brazil, the largest country in South America. 

The souvenir this month was a piece of amethyst that Sam and Sophia found while exploring an amethyst mine.  Amethyst forms in hollow agates called geodes and can be found in the Brazil state of  Minas Gerai. Information on amethyst

Thursday, March 9, 2017

What You May Not Know About St. Patricks Day

Every year on March 17th, the Irish and non Irish join together to celebrate the feast day of Ireland's patron saint, Patrick.   For many the day is about Leprechauns, chasing rainbows, gold, shamrocks and green.  It is such a fun day to dress up in green, eat green foods, and decorate with shamrocks, but do you really know where the holiday originates from? Do you know that St. Patrick was not actually Irish?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Look What Showed Up in the Mail!!!

Our first Little Passports World Addition delivery! My kids were super excited to see what was in the box.  They were a little impatient with me for demanding to take pictures before I would let them open it. They had waited for a few weeks for it to be delivered.  Lucky for them, it arrived 3 days early. 


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